Your Health

Health throughout the Lifespan

Healthy choices should be supported by your environment and community, but health also starts with your lifestyle choices. Taking care of yourself early in life keeps you healthier longer and saves money on healthcare costs. 

Our healthly lifespan division focuses on improving quality of life for individuals. We focus on identifying personal healthcare needs through nursing services to move towards healthier life choices. Our focus also includes working with the community to improve the culture of healthcare. 

Use the resources found within this section to learn about the services WCHD provides for different stages along a healthy lifespan. You may also call or email the Healthy Lifespan Supervisor, Alana Erickson (

To find an A-Z listing of services and health topics that our staff can help you with, visit the Services/Health Topics webpage.

Programming for:

  • Mom & Babies
  • Children information for educators and parents on youth development
  • Teen information for teens, parents and educators
  • Adult resources for adults as well as healthcare providers and caretakers.

Health Topics 

Information about topics like immunizations, mental health, safety, etc.

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