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What is Mediation?

If you have a conflict or disagreement that you cannot resolve yourself, mediation may be the answer. Mediation helps you and your disputant(s) resolve your differences skillfully and effectively. During mediation, you will discuss the issues important to you and determine the outcome yourselves. The concerns of each party in the dispute will be clarified with the help of trained, impartial mediators. The mediators will encourage clear and constructive discussions, but will not impose a solution on you. You will be assisted in finding a solution that is acceptable to everyone in the conflict. Quicker and cheaper than going to court, mediation produces a more satisfying and longer lasting solution. There is no charge for our service.

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The Mediation Session


by giving all parties a chance to tell about their sides of the conflict.


by helping all parties to reach an acceptable solution.


with a written contract describing the agreement you have reached.

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Types of Disputes We Can Help With

Small Claims

Property damage, accidents, vandalism, small debts, harassment, etc.

Neighbor Problems

Such as noise, pet, neighbor relations, parking, etc.

Domestic Problems

Involving family members, friends, or roommates.

Juvenile Disputes

Conflicts between youth, as well as between youth and adults, schools, merchants, or the law.


Product or service satisfaction. Landlord/tenant - security deposits, repairs, damages, etc.


Employer/employee, among workers.

Property Division

Personal or business relationships disputes.

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Why Use Mediation?


Mediations can usually be scheduled within two weeks of referral.


Mediations are arranged during the day or evening at a time that is convenient for both parties.

Less stressful...

Mediators provide a neutral, informal setting.


The mediation takes place in a private setting. Only involved parties attend the session.


There is no charge for mediation.


You decide how your dispute will be resolved, without a judge or jury.

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How to Get Started

  • Contact our office by calling (920) 236-4925 Monday - Friday, or stop in our office in the Winnebago Courthouse, 415 Jackson Street in Oshkosh.
  • Your problem will be assessed to determine how mediation could help.
  • Mediators will be scheduled at a time convenient to all disputants

You can also visit the Winnebago Conflict Resolution Center, Inc. website for more information.