Medical Examiner

Mission Statement

In accordance with Wisconsin State Statue 979.01, the Winnebago County Coroner's Office is responsible for the investigation of all reportable deaths that occur within Winnebago County. The Coroner's Office works collaboratively with law enforcement agencies as well as the District Attorney's Office in death investigation and will testify in court as necessary. The Coroner's Office is also responsible for investigating a death where a physician cannot or will not sign a death certificate and determine the final disposition of a corpse. All cremations and disinternment's require authorization by the Coroner's Office according to Wisconsin Statues. The Coroner's Office also acts as a resource to assist family members in the grieving process by making appropriate referrals as needed.


To Report a Death

To report a death to the Winnebago County Medical Examiner's Office Please call us at 920-232-3300. If this is outside the hours of 8:00 am - 2:00 pm please call our 24 hour number at 920-561-2125 and leave a message. An investigator will receive your message and return your call as soon as possible. If your loved one has passed (and they are not a hospice patient) and you have discovered them please call 911. 


Reporting Form and Guidelines