Substance Use

Narcan Training, November 10 and December 13

Substance use is consistently identified as a top health issue in Wisconsin as a whole and Winnebago County specifically. Currently, areas of specific local concern include, but are not limited to, opiate use, the drinking culture, and youth tobacco use. WCHD supports efforts that work on preventing use, reducing harm from use, and increasing access to treatment.

Substance Use Harm Reduction:

  • Narcan: Narcan, also known as naloxone, is used in opioid overdoses to counteract life-threatening depression of the central nervous system and respiratory system, allowing an overdose victim to breathe normally. If given to someone overdosing on opioids it can save their life. Naloxone is a nonscheduled (i.e., non-addictive), prescription medication. Naloxone only works if a person has opioids in their system; no harm or effect will be had on a person if they are given Narcan when not overdosing from opiates. Click here to learn more about Narcan.
  • LifePoint: LifePoint is a syringe services program aimed at reducing the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C and other potential harms associated with injection drug use. WCHD is a satellite location for Vivent Health's Lifepoint program. Lifepoint is free and available during business hours at the Oshkosh location.
  • Fentanyl Test Strips: Fentanyl test strips are a form of drug testing technology that has been shown to be effective at detecting the presence of fentanyl in drug samples prior to use. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is used medically to treat severe pain, and illicitly manufactured fentanyl is driving an increase in drug overdose deaths both nationally and in Winnebago County. Learn more here.
  • Narcan, LifePoint and Fentanyl Test Strips are available, free of charge, at the Winnebago County Health Department's Oshkosh location (112 Otter Avenue, Second Floor), Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Map of additional locations in Winnebago County where you can pick up free Narcan and Fentanyl Test Strips:
  • Map of additional locations where you can pick up Narcan in the Fox Valley area:

Medicine Disposal (Drug Drop):

Winnebago County residents can dispose unwanted medication at any of the four permanent drug drop sites located at local Police Departments: Fox Crossing, Menasha, Neenah, and Oshkosh. WCHD provides support for these drug drop boxes through promotion of all sites and participation in periodic drug sorts at the Oshkosh Police Department.

Breakwater Coalition:

Breakwater, a substance use prevention coalition with backbone support from WCHD, has been formed to address substance use and misuse. Currently the action teams are focused on treatment/recovery, prevention/awareness, data collection, and communication. Using this new approach offers the opportunity for more involvement from the community and the ability to continue the vital work the original Task Force set out to accomplish.

We Heart You Cards:

The We Heart You card is the size of your standard business card and easily fits in any pocket. It is a simple card with a simple message: we care about you, and we want you to get the help you need, when you are ready.

Winnebago County Overdose Fatality Review Team:

Winnebago County was one of six counties selected to receiving funding, training, and support to develop a drug overdose fatality review program. The program consists of a county-wide partnership across sectors that leverages inter-agency data sharing and practitioner expertise to review fatal drug overdoses. The program seeks to identify strategies for prevention and intervention that address the problem of drug use and overdose in Winnebago County.

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