Adult Health

When referring to stages of life most of us will fall under the adult catergory for the majority of our lives. There are many ways to increase our health. From vaccines, to daily hygiene, to exercise and stress management. For a list of healthy living topics visit the CDC webpage on chronic disease management.

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Our Health Topics page has common health concerns and risk topics such as:
Healthy Aging

The health department provides services to residents of Winnebago County 55 and older through home visits, community classes and coalition leadership. These services assist with chronic disease management and promote prevention of chronic disease and injury prevention. 

Nail Care Resources
 Clarity Care at Heritage Court, 600 W Packer Ave, Oshkosh - call for an appointment (236-6560 ext. 1369)


 Oshkosh Seniors Center, 200 N Campbell Rd, Oshkosh - call for an appointment (232-5310)Valley VNA Senior Services (866-930-8862 or 727-55555) - or check out their Community Services page for information on Foot Care and to locate their Foot Care Clinic Schedule
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