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Winnebago County General Phone Directory: (920) 236-4800

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The mission of the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Winnebago County is "To empower and support seniors, people with disabilities and their families by providing useful information and finding the help people seek."
If you have a conflict or disagreement that you cannot resolve yourself, mediation may be the answer.
The Winnebago County Coroner's Office is responsible for the investigation of all reportable deaths that occur within Winnebago County.
Winnebago County Board of Supervisors
Family Court Commissioner
Mediation for legal custody and/or physical placement disputes.
Finance and Budgetary information for the County.
The Winnebago County Health Department is a Level III public health agency, the highest level recognized by state statute. Winnebago County Health Department leads change by providing services and building partnerships that strengthen the community.
The Highway Department maintains and constructs 250 miles of County Trunk Roads, 601 miles of State Roads in the County and 1,075 miles of Town Roads. This makes a total of approximately 1,926 miles of roads to maintain year round.

IT Department

Winnebago County's "great outdoors" is truly spectacular. A wealth of lakes, streams and rivers, quiet woods, winding trails and wide open spaces offer countless recreational opportunities the whole year round.
Park View Health Center offers high quality, 24-hour skilled nursing care to residents of the Winnebago County community.
The official county repository for real estate records, personal property records, and vital records.
The Mission Statement of the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office is to provide Law Enforcement and Related Services to the Citizens of Winnebago County in a Professional and Cost Effective Manner.
MISSION STATEMENT:To receive and disburse all County funds, settle with the taxing jurisdictions and the state for all tax collections, collect postponed and delinquent taxes, and foreclose and sell properties when delinquent taxes are not paid.
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