Snowmobile Information

For Winnebago County snowmobile trail open/closed status, please call 920-232-1960 (option 4), or follow us on Facebook.

Use of the Winnebago County Snowmobile trails is permitted only when public notice has been made by the Winnebago County Parks Department. Snowmobilers making use of the trails without authorized opening will be fined. The Winnebago County trail status is the official device by which notice of trail closings or openings is delivered.

Snowmobile Snowmobile Snowmobile Trail

Snowmobile Trails in Winnebago County are interconnected with surrounding counties.

Know the Law Before you Ride

Snowmobile trails are open to all registered snowmobilers. To operate a snowmobile in the state of Wisconsin you must display a current registration or carry a temporary operating receipt. Snowmobile registration is handled through the Wisconsin DNR. Review Wisconsin snowmobile laws here.

Any person who is at least 12 years old and born on/after January 1, 1985, is required to possess a valid Snowmobile Safety Certificate in order to operate a snowmobile in most areas. You must carry the certificate while riding and you must display it to a law enforcement officer when requested.

Trail Map

  •  Winnebago County Snowmobile Trail Map
  • The maps are split into eight "Zones". You will need the map either in hand or visible on the website when calling in for the open and closed status to see which zones will be open and which will be closed when indicated. Most gas stations and restaurants along the trails carry the maps, as well as at the Parks office in Oshkosh.


The snowmobile trail program in Winnebago County depends on the generosity of landowners who allow the placement of the trails on their property. It is critical that all snowmobilers appreciate this special relationship and treat the landowners' properties as they would their own.

Help keep landowners happy by:

  • Staying off the trails until they are open
  • Only travel on marked trails
  • Do not cut corners
  • If you leave the marked trail, you are trespassing

Snowmobile Snowmobile Trail Snowmobile

Snowmobile Clubs

There is a 200-mile network of snowmobile trails in Winnebago County with 133.5 miles designated as state-funded trails. The remaining 70 miles of trails are club trails, which means local clubs install and maintain these trails through fundraisers and membership dues.

If you snowmobile on any trail in Wisconsin, chances are the trails were made possible by the local snowmobile club. These clubs provide the trails for public use through the volunteer efforts of club members.

Snowmobile clubs are always looking for new members. By belonging to a snowmobile club, you are helping the sport stay strong by providing good trails. You share the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling with others.

Snowmobile clubs have instructors who teach the WDNR Snowmobile Safety Course. The course is required for all snowmobilers between the ages of 12 and 16 who wish to operate alone. Contact the DNR, your local club, or your county association for safety class information.

Winnebago County Alliance Meetings are currently held at Tanner's Tap in Omro at 7:30 PM, generally on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Learn more about the Winnebago County Snowmobile Alliance.