Pricing Information

View/download rental fee schedule for 2021-2025

General Information

  1. All rates shown are per-day rates unless otherwise noted as per event.
  2. Balance is due on the first set-up day or as determined by individual contracts.
  3. Non-profit group pricing for Winnebago County 4H and Winnebago County Farm Bureau for the food court building only.
  4. Exclusive license-holding sponsors are noted on the Parks Department homepage, certain restrictions may apply.
  5. All contracts include up to two days of set-up and one day of take-down free of charge.
  6. Legal Status of Out of State Lessees:  LESSEE will warrant that it has complied with all necessary requirements to do business in the State of Wisconsin, that the persons executing the agreement on its behalf are authorized to do so, and, if a corporation, that the name and address of LESSEE'S registered agent is as set forth under the heading REGISTERED AGENT on the agreement.
  7. Class B liquor licenses only. A temporary permit must be obtained through the City of Oshkosh.
  8. Liability insurance certificates are required for all LESSEES.