The WIOUWASH State Trail, built on a former railroad corridor, gets its unique name from the four counties it runs through: Winnebago, Outagamie, Waupaca and Shawano. It is a relatively smooth and flat trail with a crushed limestone base. The Fox River and Lake Butte des Morts, along with numerous grassland prairies, wooded areas and farmland, offer beautiful views of diverse landscapes and a variety of wildlife.

Wiouwash Trail Wiouwash Trail Wiouwash Trail

Use the virtual trail map to find parking, points of interest and fix-it stations.

The Winnebago County portion of the WIOUWASH Trail starts in Downtown Oshkosh along the Fox River (near the university and Riverwalk) and runs north through Winnebago and Outagamie counties until ending in Hortonville. This southern section is 21.8 miles long and crosses the Friendship State Trail near Hwy 10.

Walking, hiking, biking and horseback riding are popular activities on the WIOUWASH Trail during the summer. The soft surface and flat terrain of the trail make it an excellent place to train for an upcoming 5k or marathon. In the winter, the trail is used for snowmobiling, fat-tire biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Trail Overview

Get a printable PDF of the trail overview. Please keep in mind the map is not to scale.

The WIOUWASH trail map (Winnebago County Portion)

  1. The main parking lot for the trail is located off Westwind Road. The inset map shows the location of Westwind Road in relation to Highway 41 and 45. The distance to Ryf Road is 1.3 mi. Restricted to dogs on leash area.
  2. Sunset Bay parallels the trail in this area. This is an excellent spot for shoreline fishing as northern pike, white bass, perch and crappies can be caught here. Spring and Fall provide opportunities for waterfowl and bird watching. Restricted to dogs on leash area.
  3. Ryf Road. The distance to County Highway S/County Road Y is 0.6 mi.
  4. County Highway S/County Road Y. One of our main lots is located at this intersection for your parking convenience. Caution! Crossing this stretch of highway can be difficult please use extreme caution. Distance to Brooks Road is 1.1 mi.
  5. Brooks Road. Look for birds that prefer dense, brushy habitats along this section of trail. Distance to "GG" is 1.1 mi.
  6. Caution! Be sure to stay on the trail in this area as there is a private gravel quarry off the east side of the trail.
  7. This high trestle railroad bridge is the only one of its type on the trail. It spans Daggett Creek.
  8. County Road GG. A mini-lot (Max. 4 vehicles) is located on the south side of this road. Distance to Maxwell Road is 0.5 mi.
  9. Running 1/3 mile north of County GG is the first of three native tallgrass preserves. Spring and mid-summer wildflowers of many varieties abound in this area. This is a great place to look for birds that prefer an open-field environment.
  10. Maxwell Road. Distance to Hilltop Road is 0.4 mi.
  11. Hilltop Road. Distance to Grimson Road is 0.1 mi.
  12. Grimson Road. Distance to County Road G is 0.5 mi.
  13. County Road G. The second main parking lot along the trail is located in Allenville off County Road G. Distance to Breezewood Lane is 1.5 mi.
  14. The second native tallgrass preserve is located about 1/3 mile north of Allenville and runs for approximately 1/3 mile ending just before the cut made through the hill.
  15. Breezewood Lane. A mini-lot (Max. 4 vehicles) is located on the north side of this road. Distance to Oakridge Road is 1.0 mi.
  16. The third native tallgrass prairie area is located about ½ mile south of Oakridge Road and is about ¼ mile long.
  17. Oakridge Road. A mini-lot (Max. 4 vehicles) is located on the north side of this road. Distance to County Trunk T and Larsen is 1.6 mi.
  18. Where the trail intersects the Arrowhead River, we leave the old railroad bed and bypass the community of Larsen by following along the east bank of the Arrowhead River (Larsen Drainage Ditch). We will rejoin the original railroad bed north of Larsen.
  19. County Road T. Distance to County Road II is 0.7 mi. If you follow County Road T to the west you will enter the community of Larsen.
  20. A parking lot for trail users is located behind the Town of Clayton Town Hall. If you use this lot be sure to go north when you leave the lot. The trail to the south of the parking lot entrance is privately owned and trespassing is prohibited.
  21. County Road II. Approximately ¾ mi. a tunnel allows passage under Hwy 10. Distance to Fairview Road is ¼ mi.
  22. Fairview Road. As you travel the trail section between Fairview Road and Medina Junction Road to the north watch for deer in the adjoining farm fields, particularly during late summer and fall. Distance to Medina Junction Road is 1.3 mi.
  23. Medina Junction Road. A mini-lot (Max. 4 vehicles) is located on the south side of this road. As you travel north on the trail from this point you will be in the State of Wisconsin Rat River Wildlife Area. The area off the trail is a small part of this 10,000+ acre wildlife area. Distance to the Winnebago/ Outagamie County Line is 0.9 mi.
  24. Caution! Use caution when crossing the railroad tracks as the trains travel through this area at a high rate of speed.
  25. Rat River Bridge. As you move through this section of the trail look for beaver, muskrats, deer and many varieties of waterfowl and songbirds. Keep your eyes open for potholes in the trail caused by various "critters" burrowing into the trail bed.
  26. Winnebago/Outagamie County Line. If you desire to travel further the trail continues into Outagamie County for approximately 6 more miles ending just south of Hortonville, WI.