Lasley Point Archaeological Site

In addition to boat landings, parks, and trails, the Winnebago County parks system boasts a unique site. The wilds of the Lasley Point Archaeological Site mark the spot where a Native American village once thrived. Between 1200 and 1500 AD, its 47.7 acres supported an Oneota Indian village. The area was nominated and accepted for inclusion in the listing of the National Register of Historic Places late in 1979. This unique site was purchased two years later from the Winnebago County Historical Society. Learn more about the history of Lasley Point.

Nature Observations

Lasley Point Archaeological Site supports beautiful woods of oak, hickory, basswood, and ash with dense shrubbery underneath. Trails with informational signs weave through the woods offering glimpses of the numerous varieties of wildflowers. The archeological site also supports sizable populations of small game, songbirds, and mammals. Do not go off-trail or make your own trails!


The park is located about two miles north of Winneconne, west of County Road M. A small parking area is located off Lasley Point Road. (Map it)

Winnebago County Ordinance 19.06 requires that users of the County's recreational areas strictly adhere to a "carry-in-carry-out" policy. Thus, all refuse must be carried away from the park, boat landing, trail or other recreational sites by the person(s) responsible for its presence and be properly disposed of elsewhere.

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