Sunnyview Exposition Center

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Sunnyview Expo Booklet 

The Sunnyview Exposition Center occupies approximately one hundred acres approximately 5 miles north of the City of Oshkosh and ten miles south of the City of Neenah.

The following list contains links to info on the various buildings with their dimensions and other pertinent information:


Equine Facility Show Tour


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Exposition Building

Stevenson Hall (Center Hall)

Approximately 20,122 sq. ft., with entranceway foyer, 30' vaulted ceiling, and ticket office area. 2,875 person capacity.

West Wing

Approximately 6,027 sq. ft., all clear span. 861 person capacity. Adjacent restrooms allow for stand alone use. Kitchenette area with sink.

South Wing

Approximately 5,304 sq. ft., all clear span and carpeted. Several options are available for partitioning into subsections. Kitchenette area with sink. 758 person capacity.

Overhead Doors

14' high x 12' wide (Center Hall), plus, 11' high x 11' wide (West Wing).


Located in Center Hall, standard size stove/refrigerator, upright beverage cooler, 10' long x 3 1/2' wide serving counter, 4 compartment sink, multiple electrical outlets, and ample cabinet space.

Public Address System

Public address system available throughout the building with separate channels for wings.  Must rent ticket office to include in use.

Square Footage and Capacity

Total useable square footage - Approximately 31, 453

Total capacity of Expo - 4,400 people

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Barn Facilities

All barns have asphalt walkways and driveways, electricity, drinking fountains and hose bibs. Lower level windows and roof "windows" provide good cross ventilation.

Barn A

144 x 60 enclosed - 8,640 sq. ft., 24 x 60 canopy on the west and a 136 x 60 canopy on the east. There is a concrete floor in the enclosed section.

Barn A - Addition

60 x 112 enclosed - clear span, gravel floor.

Barn B

160 x 60 enclosed - 9,600 sq. ft., 24 x 60 canopy on the west. There is a gravel floor in the whole area. Partitioned down the middle with stockade wall.

Barn C

160 x 60 open barn with corral-type siding - 9,600 sq, ft,. 24 x 60 canopy on the west. There is a gravel floor in the whole area.

Barn D

160 x 60 open barn with corral-type siding - 9,600 sq, ft,. 24 x 60 canopy on the west. There is a gravel floor in the whole area.

Barn E

112 x 60 enclosed - 6,720 sq. ft., 24 x 60 canopy on the south. There is a concrete floor in enclosed section.

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Other Facilities

Food Court

64' x 60' outside, food prep area - 32' x 30', freezer/refrigerator, ample electrical outlets, sinks, and 6 service windows.


Seating for approximately 4,400 people is available in the 1/2 covered and 1/2 uncovered facility. Toilet facilities are located below the seating area on the east side and in the center. There are ample electrical outlets scattered throughout the area under the grandstand to allow for vendor set up. There is a permanent concession stand and ticket booth area. 

Toilet/Shower Building

This building is conveniently located near the barn complex. The building has showers, toilet facilities and wash racks and is ADA accessible.

Covered Arena

This facility is located on the eastern side of the grounds. The overall arena is 150' wide x 320' long. The large show ring (150' w x 220' l) and smaller holding corral (150' w x 80' l) are both located under the vaulted roof. There is bleacher seating for 600 with an adjacent parking lot for 60 cars. The arena also contains a registration office with private restroom and roll up windows, and a support room. There is a sound system with mics. The announcer stand is also portable. A drag is provided for use only in this arena, along with ample water hook up, and water wagon.




Outdoor Arena

Ring with holding corral is located north of barn A. The ring has a 150 x 220 competition corral, and an 80 x 150 holding corral. The competition corral is lighted. Limited bleacher seating is available at the ring with separate P.A. System hook up.

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Parking Accommodations

There is more than adequate parking available on the site. The main lot near the Expo building is asphalt, and the overflow parking area to the southwest of the main lot is gravel and grass areas are also available.

The main parking lot area will accommodate approximately 1,200 cars.

Overflow parking is also available south of Barn D and there is exhibitor parking east of the barns. All parking areas are shared.

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Out of State Reservations


If a corporation from another state wants to make a reservation, some additional information is needed:

Is the corporation registered to do business in Wisconsin?

If yes - Name of Resident Agent (must sign contract).

If no - registration with the Secretary of State is necessary before any business can be transacted.

Non-Corporation Business

If business is not a corporation, a contract is made with the individual d/b/a (name of business).