Beach Lake Monitoring

The Winnebago County Health Department has been monitoring the recreational water quality at several locations in the Lake Winnebago/Poygan basin. The Health Department contracts with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh ERIC lab to have UWO students collect water samples from public access points, and then analyze the samples for E. coli bacteria. The samples are collected and analyzed weekly Memorial day through Labor day.


WARNING E. coli results greater than or equal to 235 poses an increased risk of swimmer-related illness.
The US EPA has established an advisory level of 235 cfu/100 ml (cfu = colony forming units) for E. coli. Samples are taken on a weekly basis at all sample locations, except Menominee Park, which is sampled twice per week. Results are a snapshot of the E. coli values at the time of sampling. Conditions change daily. As a result, the bacteria count taken on a given day may not necessarily reflect the condition on subsequent days or even later that same day.