Winnebago County Land Conservation Committee

Committee Members


Chuck Farrey

Vice Chair

Doug Nelson


Kristl Laux


Bruce Bohn (Citizen Member)

Timothy Macho (County Board Member)

Doug Zellmer (County Board Member)

Dan Stokes (Citizen Member)


Meeting Time

9:00 a.m. on the first Thursday each month at the James P Coughlin Building (JPCC), unless otherwise noted.

Land Conservation Committee Meeting Minutes


Duties and Responsibilities

The County Land Conservation Committee (LCC) is a standing committee of the Winnebago County Board.  It provides local leadership in carrying out programs that conserve land and water resources.  Working closely with the County Land and Water Conservation Department, the LCC establishes policies for the delivery of land and water resource management programs and services in Winnebago County. 

Their connection to state and federal government gives the LCC members an understanding of local land and water resource problems and solutions. 

Comprised of elected County Board members, the LCC takes a leading role in local land and water resource protection by:  

  • Providing local conservation leadership and coordination.
  • Establishing conservation policy based on local input and resource assessment needs.
  • Developing resource-driven county land and water resource management plans.
  • Possessing legislative and taxing authority.
  • Developing and adopting local, state and federal cost-sharing programs.
  • Promoting conservation awareness and stewardship at the local level.