Our department is responsible for administering several local and state land & water resource management programs.

Program Name Description
Agriculture Performance Standards Wisconsin Ag Performance Standards establishes polluted runoff performance standards for agricultural facilities and practices, as well as non-agricultural practices.  These standards are intended to be the minimum requirements to protect water quality.
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program This program offers Federal and State incentive payments to eligible landowners to install vegetative buffers along stream corridors.  Landowners have the option of a 15-year agreement or a permanent easement.
Water Quality Improvement Program This program provides local cost sharing dollars to landowners on high priority projects throughout the county for pollution abatement and water quality protection.
Farmland Preservation Program This program provides tax incentives for landowners in eligible areas that are meeting the state Agricultural Performance Standards (NR151).  
Soil and Water Resource Management This program helps provide funding to support land and water conservation staffing and expenditures.  In addition, funds are used to cost-share agreements with landowners for the installation of conservation practices.
TMDL's/MS4 TMDL (Total Maxium Daily Load) and MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) are federal and state required standards that address water quality in the state.  Much of the surface water within the county has been classified as impaired and requires close monitoring.