Streambank and Shoreline Protection

Vegetation, rock, or structures used to stabilize and protect the banks of streams, lakes, estuaries or excavated channels against scour and erosion and reduce sediment delivery to the water body.

Photo: Stabenow Breakwall, Credit: Tim McEnroe, August 2023

Since 1941, the damage done at the Stabenow site by high water, waves, and ice has resulted in an average lateral recession of up to 2.5 feet of wetland per year, resulting in increased turbidity and loss of fish and wildlife habitat. Off-shore breakwalls were designed by the Winnebago County Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) and installed by local contractors to reduce sediment re-suspension within the habitat restoration area by reducing wave size and protecting the shoreline of the emergent marsh from further erosion.

To determine the efficacy of the breakwall structures, the LWCD has been monitoring to determine the regrowth of aquatic plants, both emergent and submergent species.

The aquatic plant monitoring comparison from 2021 to 2023 at the site has shown an overall impressive plant response in greater densities and species diversity.


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