General Information

GPS or Global Positioning System refers to technology that utilizes satellites to determine the location of points on the earth's surface. In 2001, our department purchased a Trimble GPS unit that not only measures latitude and longitude, but also calculates the elevation with sub-centimeter accuracy. This is an extremely accurate and useful tool for many applications within our department. Large topographic surveys can now be completed in a single day. Completing such surveys with conventional surveying equipment may have taken a week.

Use of GPS Unit

Since purchasing the Trimble GPS unit in 2001, our department uses GPS on nearly every construction project. Having access to the WISCORS network provides real time corrected GPS signal acquistion ensuring sub-centimeter accuracy. A few examples of work completed with GPS are:

  • Survey of Terrell's Island Vegetation.
  • Bathymetric Survey on Rush Lake.
  • Survey of Lone Willow Island Marsh breakwall.
  • Shoreline and Streambank Erosion Survey in Pool Lakes.
  • Culvert Surveys in Neenah, Clayton, and Black Wolf Townships.