Local Contacts

Department of Natural Resources - Oshkosh Office

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Adkins, SarahWater-Water Regulations & Zoning Specialist(920) 420-1528sarah.adkins@wisconsin.gov
Brookins, RachelWildlife-Natural Resources Area Supervisor(920) 252-3480rachel.brookins@wisconsin.gov
Burzynski, MarshaWater-Water Resources Supervisor(920) 420-6375marsha.burzynski@wisconsin.gov
Boyarski, DaveActing Fish Mgmt.-Region Team Supervisor(920) 559-2341david.boyarski@wisconsin.gov
Timothy, JamesForestry-Forester(715) 701-8018timothy.james@wisconsin.gov
VacantFisheries Work Unit Supervisor(920) 424-7880


NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Cook, ChadLand & Water Outreach Coord.(920) 232-1990
VacantHorticulture Educator(920) 232-1976
Thompson, JohnAgriculture Educator(920) 232-1975john.thompson@wisc.edu
Viau, ChrisArea Extension Director (Winnebago, Calumet, Outagamie & Waupaca)(920) 232-1980chris.viau@wisc.edu

Natural Resources Conservation Service

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Schamberger, MerrieDistrict Conservationist(920) 424-0329, Ext. 8433merrie.schamberger@wi.usda.gov

Farm Service Agency

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Vandeberg, JacobCounty Executive Director

(920) 424-0329, Ext. 8428


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

NameTitlePhone Number
Samerdyke, RachelPrivate Lands Biologist

(920) 387-2658

Ext. 113

USDA, APHIS - Wildlife Services

NameTitlePhone Number
Pfaff, MadeleineWildlife Specialist(920) 344-6798


NameTitlePhone Number
Rowe, CaryDirector(920) 232-3344

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Land And Water Conservation

625 E County Road Y
Suite 100
Oshkosh, WI 54901-9731
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Oshkosh:(920) 232-1950
Neenah:(920) 727-8642
Fax:(920) 424-1277