Livestock Waste Management Ordinance (LWMO)

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The Livestock Waste Management Ordinance was created to:

  • Ensure the safe handling and spreading of livestock waste,
  • regulate the location, design, construction, alteration, operation, and maintenance of all livestock facilities and livestock waste transfer and storage facilities,
  • and regulate the abandonment/closure of livestock waste transfer and storage facilities
  • in order to prevent water pollution, protect the health and safety of residents and transients, prevent the spread of disease, and promote the prosperity and general welfare of the citizens of Winnebago County.

The Livestock Waste Management Ordinance was adopted as Chapter 13 of the Winnebago County General Code in 1985.

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Permit Required

Any person who acquires ownership of, leases, constructs, reconstructs, enlarges, abandons/closes, or substantially alters any livestock waste storage facility, livestock waste transfer system, or livestock facility will be required to have a Livestock Waste Management Permit.

Livestock Means:

Animals that are kept for human use or raised for sale or profit, including, but not limited to bovine animals, equine animals, goats, poultry, sheep, swine, farm-raised deer, and elk, farm -raised game birds, camelids (alpaca...) and ratites (emus...).


Livestock Waste Management Ordinance
(Chapter 13 of Winnebago County's General Code)

Livestock Waste Application Guidance
Ordinance Fact Sheet Application Form (please contact us)