Nutrient Management Plan

A Nutrient Management Plan is a tool to increase the efficiency of all the nutrient sources your crop uses while reducing production and environmental risk, ultimately increasing profit . . .

What Is A Farm Nutrient Management Plan?

SnapPlus is a Nutrient Management Planning software program designed for the preparation of nutrient management plans in accordance with Wisconsin's Nutrient Management Standard Code 590.  SnapPlus will calculate:

  • Crop nutrient (N, P2O5, K2O) recommendations for all fields on a farm taking into account legume N and manure nutrient credits consistent with University of Wisconsin recommendations.
  • A RUSLE2-based soil loss assessment that will allow producers to determine whether fields that receive fertilizer or manure applications meet tolerable soil loss (T) requirements.
  • A rotational Phosphorus Index value for all fields as required for using the P Index for phosphorus management.
  • A rotational P balance for using soil test P as the criteria for phosphorus management.