Training Information

All persons who wish to become licensed foster care providers in Winnebago County will be required to complete training as mandated by DCF-56. Below is some basic information regarding foster parent training.

  • A foster parent who operates a foster home with a level 1 certification must complete 6 hours of Pre-Placement Training within 6 months after the date of initial licensure.
  • A level 2 provider must complete 6 hours of Pre-Placement Training, 30 hours of initial licensing training and 12 hours of ongoing training in each 12 month period of licensure subsequent to the initial licensing period.
  • A level 2 provider can complete the Pre-Placement Training before or after initial licensure but it must be completed prior to the placement of any child in the home.
  • Ongoing training may be offered by the Department or another governmental or community agency. Credit for ongoing training may also be given for some web-based trainings or other non-traditional training activities with agency approval.
  • The agency will send out notices of various training opportunities, as they become available.