Foundation Training

Foundation is a required training for foster parents who have completed the Pre-Placement training and are licensed by this Department. Foster parents are required to complete this training within the first year of  licensure.

Foundation consists of ten sessions which are each three to four hours in length (for a total of 30 hours). The training is taught by social workers and an experienced foster parent to give realistic training that is designed to inform foster parents on issues specific to fostering maltreated youth and working with their families and the Child Protection and Delinquency systems. The training is also designed to help foster parents develop a more complete philosophy on fostering youth and to avoid potential barriers to working as valuable team members.

This training is also valuable to families who are fostering relatives through kinship care or other professionals working in this field who would like more education on the foundation to foster care.  You must be licensed in order to attend.

For information on upcoming sessions, visit the website:

Foster and Adoptive Parent Training Program