Is Foster Care For Me?


The following questions can help you decide whether foster parenting is the right fit for you and your family:


  1. Do you (and your significant other if applicable) have a happy stable life?
  2. Can you care for a child who has come from a different cultural background than yours?
  3. Do you like children and enjoy having them around twenty four hours a day?
  4. Are you mature and secure enough to realize that some children may have difficulty adjusting to your way of life?
  5. Are you willing and able to make adjustments in your life and your home to meet the specific needs of a child placed with you?
  6. Do have enough space in your home for the child to have a bed of his/her own (not in a common living space)?
  7. Are the members of your family in good health?
  8. Does your income meet the basic needs of your own family?
  9. Could you accept the fact that a child placed in your home eventually may return to his or her own home or be placed elsewhere?
  10. Can you maintain a positive attitude toward a child’s parents, even though you may feel many of the problems the child experiences are a direct result of the parent’s actions?
  11. Are you willing and able to take a child to counseling sessions, doctor’s appointments, court hearings and other regular appointments?
  12. Would you welcome the advice and assistance of a social worker in a team effort to meet the needs of each child?


Also check out this tip sheet from the Foster Care and Adoption Resource Center: Is Fostering a Good Fit For Us? Things To Consider