Mission Statement

To promote, preserve, and protect the economy, public health, safety, general welfare and natural resources of the County through well planned development and responsible stewardship of the land through the equitable administration of ordinances, regulations and practices which implement sound planning principles. 

Program Description

The County Zoning Department administers the following land use programs and ordinances:

  • Land Records 
  • Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation 
  • Sanitary 
  • Stormwater & Erosion Control
  • Subdivision / Land Division 
  • Survey Records (maintains surveys and Section markers) 
  • Zoning (Comprehensive / Shoreland / Wetland / Floodplain / Stormwater & Erosion Control)

 Proposed Text Amendments

  • None


Information contained herein is intended as general information only and does not guarantee either the issuance of a permit or the provision of all information pertinent to property.  Additional requirements, as determined by the zoning office, may apply at the time of a permit or other application.


For specific zoning information, applications, public hearings, regulations, etc. go to:  PLANNING AND ZONING HOME