Applications and Handouts

Below are the most common applications and the supporting documents for permits issued by the Zoning Department: 

NOTE:  Applications are not processed or reviewed until the application fee is paid. 

  • We are able to process debit/credit card transactions in person in our office.  There is a fee for the use of debit/credit cards.
  • We are not able to process debit/credit card payments via the telephone, fax, or any other type of electronic submission and as such, we do not accept applications by e-mail.  
  • Applications with the appropriate fees may be brought to our office or submitted by mail. 

Zoning *

Erosion Control/Stormwater *

 Sanitary *

Temporary Use Permits *

Common applications that require a public hearing process:*

* ALL APPLICATIONS summitted to our office must have an ORIGINAL SIGNATURE (Electronic signatures are acceptable, copies of signatures are not acceptable).