Certified Survey Map

Certified Survey Map Process

When submitting a new Certified Survey Map (CSM) for review by our office, please note the following:
  • The CSM review fee is $220.00 payable to Winnebago County.
    • 3 copies of the entire CSM must be provided. 
    • Do not send e-mail copies of the CSM;  the fee and the CSM submission must be sent together.
  • We do not accept original CSM documents at the time of submission. 
When our office receives a new CSM for review:
  1. The CSM will be review for accuracy by the:
         a.  Zoning Administrator;
         b.  GIS Staff;
         c.  Property Lister

  2.   If changes are required, the surveyor is notified.        
    we suggest you do not collect any signatures on the original documents until your surveyor notifies you that any necessary changes/corrections have been made.

  3.   Once the surveyor has completed any changes necessary:
         a.   you must obtain all the signatures, with the exception of the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, prior to submitting the original CSM to the
               zoning office for final approval;
         NOTE:  the signature of the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee is always the final signature

  4. When all other signatures have been obtained, bring the Original CSM to the zoning office:
         a.   the Zoning Administrator reviews the document to ensure all changes/corrections have been made by the surveyor;
         b.  the Zoning Administrator signs his approval of the document;

  5.   After the CSM has been signed by the Planning and Zoning committee chairman:
         a.  the surveyor or the property owner will be notified that the CSM is ready to be recorded;
         b.  our office requires a signature, as an acknowledgement of receipt, prior to removal of the original completely signed CSM from our office

For the CSM to become an official survey of record, the original must be recorded, and a $30.00 fee paid, in the Register of Deed's office located in room 108 of the Winnebago County Administrative Building, 112 Otter Ave, Oshkosh, WI.