County Ordinances


Ordinances found online may not reflect recent changes to a particular ordinance adopted by the County Board.  Every effort is made to keep the online version current, however, there may be a delay of several weeks between adoption and updating.

Code Location

Zoning codes and other ordinances enforced by the Planning and Zoning Department can be found under the General Code of Winnebago County.

Other Regulating Bodies/Ordinances

Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Codes:

Most activities of the County Zoning Office are mandated, or regulated, by various provisions of Wisconsin State Stattues, or portions of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.  Visit the Wisconsin State Legislature website to search for applicable codes:



  • Chapter 59
    • 59.69 through 59.697 (Planning and Zoning Authority)
    • 59.70(5) - Private Sewage System Ordinance
  • Chapter 145 - Plumbing
  • Chapter 66.1001 - Comprehensive Planning
  • Chapter 236 - Platting Lands
  • Chapter 281.48 - Servicing Septic Tanks


Administrative Codes:

  • SPS 381-387 - Plumbing & Wisconsin Fund
  • NR 115 - Shoreland Management (includes wetlands)
  • NR 116 - Floodplain Management
  • NR 135 - Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation
  • NR 151 - Runoff Management
  • NR 216 - Stormwater Discharge


To view other municipalities' codes visit the Wisconsin State Law Library