Safe Streets Initiative

Drug Court

The Safe Streets Drug Court Program is a court that is specifically developed to handle cases involving drug and alcohol offenders through an intense and monitored program of treatment, rehabilitation, and strict supervision. Participants in the Drug Court Program are in court for committing a non-violent felony under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  They must be a resident of Winnebago County and be willing to participate in 12 to 18 months of services. Once in court, those eligible are referred to the program by the District Attorney's office and then must be accepted into the program by the Safe Streets Coordinator.

The Drug Court program is a sentencing option for non-violent felony offenders who would otherwise be sentenced to prison. By working with the Safe Streets team, offenders stay out of jail, allowing them to maintain their jobs and family lives while getting their life back on track.


Safe Streets Treatment Options Program (SSTOP) is part of the Safe Streets Initiative.  Beginning in May of 2006, this pilot program allows second and third time OWI offenders who reside and are convicted in Winnebago County to participate in a probation and treatment program. Similar to Drug Court, SSTOP clients are referred to the program by the District Attorney’s office. Enrollment offers jail diversion through complying with treatment, community service, and monitoring requirements.


Note: It is the policy of the Winnebago County Department of Human Services to give priority admission and treatment services to pregnant women.