Witness Information


It is your responsibility to call the Witness Line (920) 236-4999 the night before the hearing to find out if it has been cancelled or adjourned. A prerecorded message will advise you which cases will proceed as scheduled.

If an appearance is necessary, please go to the courtroom on the date specified on the subpoena, 15 minutes prior to the time listed if you wish to allow time for us to prepare you prior to testimony. Your cooperation is appreciated in order to effectively present the evidence. Please inform the bailiff or a member from the District Attorney’s Office of your attendance.

Please notify our office of any change of address.

Witness Fees

You will be paid a witness fee of $16.00 plus $.20 per mile if you reside outside of the City of Oshkosh. Bring your subpoena with you, complete your total mileage on the bottom of your subpoena and hand it to the D.A. in court. The Winnebago County Treasurer will mail your witness fee check 3-5 weeks after your court date.

Victim/Witness Intimidation

If anyone harasses or threatens you regarding the case you are involved in, call the police immediately. Make sure you give the police the defendants name and any other necessary information. Also call the Victim Witness Program.

Where and What to do on the Day of the Hearing

Please go to the appropriate courtroom and sit in the hallway by the courtroom. Inform a Victim/Witness/DA staff member or the bailiff that you are present to testify. They will then inform you when it is your time to testify.