Pre and Post-Charge General Felony or Misdemeanor Diversion Program

For these programs, contracts are individualized for each person entering a diversion program based upon the needs that were identified during screening. The length of the program will vary depending on each individual participant. There are approximately 85 different conditions the program coordinator can choose from, however that number is constantly changing depending on the changing needs of individuals. There are two-three conditions that will remain the same. Those conditions are; remain crime free, pay all program fees, and (if applicable) pay all court costs, as well as, court appointed attorney fees. The conditions of each contract are tracked by a computer system unique to Winnebago County called DMS (Diversion Management System).


EARN Project

Fox Valley Technical College partnered up with the District Attorney’s Office to create the EARN (Education and Redirection Now) Project to divert low level offenders who lacked the necessary educational and/or career skills to survive in today’s world. The EARN Project is one condition of a pre- or post-charge general diversion program. The EARN Project is a 17-week course that meets once a week. The course is styled after a college semester with an open entry. Check out the syllabus and more information in the links below.

EARN Project Poster

The EARN Project