Alternative/Diversion Programs

Failure to Pay Child Support Diversion Program

The primary goal in prosecuting Failure to Pay Child Support is often to encourage payment of child support. Deferred Adjudication Agreements are offered to offenders that are able to pay at least half of the amount owed due to non-payment of child support. Offenders who are able to pay, prior to disposition, all of the child support owed, will be offered a Deferred Adjudication Agreement on a misdemeanor level charge. Conditions of these Deferred Adjudication Agreements will include payments of child support and arrears, and that the defendant remain crime free.

Post-Charge Drug Diversion Program

DDP is a post-plea diversion program offered to defendants in drug motivated offenses that meet evidence-based qualification criteria. The program is a 12-month commitment which involves an AODA assessment, completion of any recommended follow up treatment, remaining crime free, and six consecutive months of clean urinalysis tests.

UW-Oshkosh Drug Diversion Program

This program is a pre-charge Deferred Prosecution Agreement offered to UW-Oshkosh students for on campus drug related incidents. The program is a 12-month commitment which involves an AODA assessment, completion of any recommended follow-up treatment, remaining crime free, and six consecutive months of clean urinalysis tests.

Pre and Post-Charge Healthy Interactions Group

This program is converting from a standing diversion program to a condition within our general diversion program. This program was formally the Family Violence Diversion Program. This program now utilizes an independent counselor that administers cognitive behavioral therapy to participants. A participant is required to complete a comprehensive needs assessment and 16 weeks of combined cognitive behavioral therapy in a group setting. Participants must remain crime free, and avoid violent, threatening, or abusive contact with any victim(s).

Pre and Post-Charge General Felony or Misdemeanor Diversion Program

For these programs, contracts are individualized for each person entering a diversion program based upon the needs that were identified during screening. The length of the program will vary depending on each individual participant. There are approximately 85 different conditions the program coordinator can choose from, however that number is constantly changing depending on the changing needs of individuals. There are two-three conditions that will remain the same. Those conditions are; remain crime free, pay all program fees, and (if applicable) pay all court costs, as well as, court appointed attorney fees. The conditions of each contract are tracked by a computer system unique to Winnebago County called DMS (Diversion Management System).

Post-Charge Overdose Diversion Program

This program was created under statute 961.443 which requires a deferred prosecution agreement with a treatment program be offered to an individual that has overdosed. This program is an 18 month long program that requires the individual to attend AODA treatment and follow-up, have six consecutive months of clean urinalysis tests, remain crime free, and various other conditions based on the individual’s needs.

Driver License Recovery Diversion Program

The Driver License Recovery Diversion Program was created in response to the high numbers of Operating After Revocation(OAR) offenses that the District Attorney’s Office was receiving. This program will provide an individual with the assistance they need to take the necessary steps in recovering their license. An individual will have 9 months to obtain their driver license. If they obtain their license within those 9 months they have the possibility of having their charge dismissed. There is no cost to participate in this program.

Worthless Check Diversion Program

This program will provide an alternative to criminal prosecution of individuals who issue worthless check(s) to merchants and businesses. This program will provide that the victim is paid full restitution from the offender who has issued the worthless check along with financial training for the first-time offender. Financial Crime Services (FCS) will assist the District Attorney’s office and victims in obtaining full restitution for check or other orders of payment falling under the statutory definition as set forth in Wisconsin Statute 943.24. FCS is responsible for managing pertinent case files and conduction financial education classes for offenders. The program will also assist law enforcement agencies in obtaining records to assist in the investigation and prosecution of individuals issuing worthless checks.