Criminal Prosecution

Family Unit

The Family Unit handles all family violence offenses, all juvenile offenses, and all in-family sex offenses

Drug/Property Unit

The Drug and Property Unit handles all drug and property offenses

Civil Traffic Unit

The district attorney handles traffic tickets and ordinance violations issued by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Police, the Winnebago County Sheriff, The Wisconsin State Patrol, and the Department of Natural Resources.

Criminal Traffic Unit

The Criminal Traffic Unit prosecutes all criminal traffic offenses including second and subsequent OWIs.

Assaultive/Crimes Unit

The Assaultive/Crimes Unit handles all violent felonies, sex offender violation cases, sex offenses (other than those committed by a family member against another family member), child pornography cases, voter fraud cases, firearm status offenses, and general misdemeanor offenses not related to drugs, property, or domestic crimes. The unit also handles special geographic emphasis cases in designated "safe zones".

Alternative/Diversion Programs