Records/Copy Requests

Records/Copy Requests & Public Access Terminals:

Access to circuit court cases and documents is available to the public using the Courthouse WCCA application on the public access workstations in the courthouse. We offer three public terminals in in the Clerk of Courts Office, room 110. There is only space for one individual at a time to review records. Please do not bring children or other individuals not involved in reviewing records.

Many case files are accessible online by unrepresented parties on the case for a one-time fee of $20.00. Parties can opt-in as an eFiling participant once they have created an eFiling account. Instructions for creating an eFiling account is available at:

For any eFiling technical support questions, please call: 1-800-462-8843

What Information Does the Court Treat as Confidential?

Requests for copy of records:

Copies: $1.25 per page, pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(10)
Certifications: $5.00 per document, pursuant to WI Statute 814.61(5)
Exemplified copies (triple seal typically for out-of-state filing) is $15.00 for the exemplification and $1.25 per page for the documents being attached.
Search Fee: $5.00, pursuant to WI Statute WI Statute 814.61(11)
If you cannot provide a case number in your request, and require us to search by the individuals name, you will be charged a search fee. The public is able to search for case numbers by utilizing the following link:

What information is required when submitting a request?

  • If a background search is being requested, full name of individual or company being searched
  • For criminal searches, date of birth for the subject is requested, if known
  • If you are seeking copies from a case, specify what specific documents you are requesting. Provide case number(s), if known (i.e., Judgment of Conviction in 92CF12, etc.)
  • Advise us of where we are to send the documents/completed search and by what method (i.e., fax, mail or hold for pick-up, etc.)
  • When full payment does not accompany your request, you must include a name and full address for billing purposes.
  • If possible, please include a telephone number where we can reach you in the event we need clarification on a request. An e-mail address is fine if you can be reached in that manner

Can be submitted by email to: 

Can be submitted by mail or drop off on this form: Copy/Records Request Form