Recording Information

Is Your Document Ready to be Recorded?

Please make sure all of the following items are correct: 
  • Pages must be white, standard weight, and either letter or legal sized. No hinged pages. Ink must be black.

  • The entire document must be legible and reproducible with no thick, black lines or areas that would interfere with scanning the images properly.

  • There must be a blank 3" by 3" space in upper right hand corner for the register's recording stamp.

  • The return address must be located either directly under the recording area or on the left within the top 3" of the page.

  • All pages must have a minimum 1/2" margin across the top. The first page must have minimum 1/4" margins on sides and bottom.

  • Signatures are notarized. Notary commission date stated.

  • The proper fee must accompany the document.

  • The name of the document drafter must be present.

  • Deeds, Land Contracts and any other conveyance documents require the electronic Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer receipt to accompany the document at time of recording.

  • Parcel Identification Numbers (PIN) are required on documents that reference specific parcels of land. The PIN should be placed on a line under the return address.

We will review your documents for these items but the ultimate responsibility for a complete and correct document is yours. Ask for assistance if you need it.