Survey Access

Winnebago County is committed to providing access to land surveying records as cost effectively as possible.  In an effort to expand this access, the GIS Division is providing Plats of Survey from approximately the 1940’s to early 2000’s online.  These documents have been converted from Microfiche to pdf.  To access newer documents please visit the Winnebago County Planning and Zoning Department.  We anticipate increased accessibility to more Plats of Survey in the future.

To view official Certified Survey Map, Subdivision Plats, and Deeds please visit the Winnebago County Register of Deeds Office or use Tapestry.


Plats of Survey 

Plats of Survey Access - From approximately 1940-2000

Plats of Survey Access After 2000

Plats of Survey - Access After 2000


Survey Books and Notes

Survey Books and Notes

Orginal County Surveyors Records 1846-1921

Field Ties 1979-1980

Traverse Field Books 1979-1980



Certified Survey Map

Subdivision Plats



For instructions downloading the plats of survey please reference the Online Survey Access Brochure.



Digital survey documents are made available on line as a convenience for informational use only.  Winnebago County cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy, quality, content or completeness of the included information.  Winnebago County, its officers, employees, agents and assigns make no warranties, expressed or implied, for the contents of this web page. Information provided on this site should NOT be used for legal, survey, engineering, financial, tax or other professional advice. If specific or precise information is required, you should always use the original recorded documents, plats, flood insurance studies, or other official means. Winnebago County specifically disclaims any liability for damages of any kind resulting from the use, misuse or misrepresentation of any in-formation contained herein and assumes no responsibility for anyone's use of the information. The information included in this application is public record. These surveys should not be used for any purpose, including obtaining future permits, without the prior knowledge of the surveyor who prepared the document. A Plat of Survey is a map prepared for a specific purpose and depicts the property as of the date the survey was completed. The information on a filed Plat of Survey may not show all past or current improvements and it may not have all of the information necessary for you to make informed decisions. It is possible that the map may not reflect the current boundary and the lands for which you have title.  All official Certified Survey Maps, Subdivision Plats and Deeds need to be obtained from the Winnebago County Register of Deeds Office.