Access to Real Estate Records in Winnebago County, Wisconsin

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Tapestry - for the occasional professional user

Tapestry is an Internet access program designed for the occasional user working in a real estate-related business. If you do not have a good real estate background, you are best advised to visit the office of your local register of deeds and get assistance to locate your documents. If you do have a good real estate background, you will have no difficulty using Tapestry. Tapestry offers access to other counties in the Midwest. Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system.

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Laredo - for the daily, local professional user

Laredo is an Internet access program designed for title insurance firms and other real estate-related firms that operate in Wisconsin and need access daily to the land records in the Winnebago County Register of Deeds office. If your real estate-related firm needs only occasional access, or if your computer expertise is limited, please consider using Tapestry instead. Fees are assessed to pay for support and maintenance of the system.

If you represent a Wisconsin firm interested in searching the real estate records in the Winnebago County Office of the Register of Deeds on a daily basis, contact Register of Deeds Natalie Strohmeyer at (920) 232-3393 or

Frequently Asked Questions

What records can I access?

In Winnebago County, the index and images of real estate documents and certified survey maps recorded beginning in 1989 are generally available. Select other counties on the Tapestry list to find out about their available records.

What equipment do I need?

You need Microsoft Windows 98, or better, and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0, or better. A fast processor, modem and large, high-resolution screen are recommended. You also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to bring up document images. Be sure to use the Adobe tool bar, not the MS Explorer tool bar to print images. A "wall-paper" screen saver interferes with accessing and loading pages.

What are the fees?

You pay $6.95 for any search and $1.00 per page copy fee.  Accounts may be set up using your major credit card.

Are there disclaimers I should read?

Yes - the disclaimer includes "wall dates."

How do I set up my search?

As with any system, you will need to determine the best strategy for finding your information. For more suggestions on how to search using Tapestry, visit our Search Tips page.

Who do I contact for more information about Tapestry?

Send an email to the Winnebago County Register of Deeds at



Errors and Omissions

This is a working index and may contain errors and omissions due to errors in the preparation of the original document or in the indexing.  It is recommended to search several different ways for each property, such as by both a "quick search" (party name), and an "advanced search," (combination of legal description and other pertinent information).


The images are authentic reproductions of the actual document and the quality is usually good.  However, blue or light-colored ink used on original documents will not reproduce well.  A few older documents may be illegible since there was no requirement for legibility until 1997.

Wall dates

The general rule is that the grantor-grantee (or party) index, tract index, and image are all available no later than the next working day after being recorded.

There are occasional exceptions due to equipment failures.

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Register Of Deeds - Natalie Strohmeyer

112 Otter Ave
Room 108
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Oshkosh:(920) 232-3390
Neenah:(920) 727-2880

Chief Deputy - Christopher Larson

Vital Records

Oshkosh:(920) 232-3390

Real Estate

Oshkosh:(920) 232-3394


8:00am - 4:30pm, M-F