Rustic Roads

There are two roads identified as Rustic in Winnebago County.

1.  Rustic Road 72

Location: Mountain Road, beginning and ending with County Rd. 

Length:  3.1 miles

Surface: Paved and unpaved portions

R-72 offers great wildlife and wildflower viewing in a serene setting. Mountain Road passes through the Rush Lake State Natural Areal. It is home to many birds including sandhill cranes, short-eared owls, northern bobwhite, quail and pheasants.  The traveler will encounter an abundance of wildflowers bordering the roadway including Mayapples, trilliums, Canada anemone, wild geraniums, Solomon's seal, wild roses and goldenrod.


2.  Rustic Road 123  

Location:  Medina Junction Road

Length: 3.2 miles

Surface: Paved and unpaved portions

R123 takes visitors past the remnants of Medina Junction, a once bustling train depot from the early twentieth century that included a stock yard, a restaurant and store. Trains carried freight daily through the depot to destinations throughout the state and beyond.  The roadway offers views of the Rat River Wildlife Area, and is close to the southern segment of the Wiouwash State Trail as well as the Friendship State Trail, which is just south of this route.  Many types of birds and wildlife, including duck, geese, herons, cranes, beaver, muskrats, and reptiles call the marshes surrounding this roadway home.


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