Pumping Information

Pumping Information Lookup

The County of Winnebago pumping records are available online.  Please read the disclaimers related to the information provided.


Pumping information can be searched by parcel number, permit number, taxpayer name, or property address.

Disclaimers Regarding Pumping Record Information

  • Reports filed with Winnebago County are intended to comply with the maintenance requirements of SPS 383 and the Winnebago County Sanitary Ordinance.  This report is NOT intended to fulfill the septic requirements of a septic system inspection for the sale of property.
  • The information provided here is a courtesy and convenience to the citizens of Winnebago County.  This data is not intended to be construed as an official record.  If you require certifiably accurate pumping record information, please visit the Winnebago County Zoning office at 112 Otter Ave., Oshkosh, WI.
  • The pumping information made available online is a copy of the official pumping database and may not contain the most recent changes to official pumping records.  The information online is updated every weekday, except holidays.