Septic Systems and Wells FAQ

Questions listed here are typical questions on any given day. The answers provided are the "short version" in many cases. More complete explanations can be found elsewhere on the site or by contacting the zoning office.
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Wells – where can I find information?

Wells are regulated by the Department of Natural Resources. Call the DNR office in Oshkosh at 920-424-3050. Well drillers may also be able to answer questions about wells. Search the yellow pages for well drillers.

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What is required for septic system maintenance?

Maintenance and inspection is required for ALL septic systems in Winnebago County. The Zoning Office will send requests for pumping information three (3) years from the last maintenance date on file. It is the property owner’s responsibility to read the letter completely and comply with the requirements stated therein. Holding tanks are pumped and inspected when full. Pumping / inspection reports are then filed in the zoning office by the licensed pumper.

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How close can I build to a well or septic system?

A 5’ setback is required from any structure to the exterior surface of a holding or treatment tank. A 15’ setback is required from the drainfield of a septic system. Winnebago County does not regulate wells. Please contact the DNR or a licensed well driller for information regarding wells.

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Can I install a holding tank?

In Winnebago County a holding tank is not a system of choice. Site restrictions such as poor soils, floodplain, or small lot size must be present for the installation of a holding tank to be approved.  Typically, these site restrictions must be demonstrated through a soil test which is submitted to this office.