Public Hearing Items FAQ

Questions listed here are typical questions on any given day. The answers provided are the "short version" in many cases. More complete explanations can be found elsewhere on the site or by contacting the zoning office.
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How long does it take for a zoning change, conditional use permit, variance, land use plan amendment, or an appeal?

These public hearing items take approximately ten weeks from application deadline to final decision. Public hearing items that are delayed due to lack of information or absence of applicant at the public hearing will add at least an additional four weeks to the process.

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How do I find out about a decision for a zoning change, variance, or conditional use permit?

You may contact the zoning office after the deliberation session during normal working hours and staff will be able to give you the decision of the Planning and Zoning Committee and the Board of Adjustment. The date of the deliberation session is included in all public hearing packets. You will also be notified in writing of the decision. Final approval of zoning changes is made by the County Board and you will be notified in writing within 20-30 days of the County Board’s decision.

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Why is the City involved?

Cities have extraterritorial subdivision authority which extends three miles beyond their incorporated area. All subdivisions of land in this area must be approved by the appropriate city. Cities also have a future land use map that extends beyond their incorporated area. The county must adopt the city’s future land use map as part of the county’s land use map by statute. All land use decisions (zoning changes, zoning permits, lot spits, etc.) must concur with the county’s land use plan.