Facilities & Property Management

To provide a safe, efficient environment for the administration and operation of the County programs and services. To use efficient and cost-effective facility management practices to provide adequate workspace for the staff and efficient access to services by the public. 

The Winnebago County Facility Management Department services over 1,000,000 square feet of buildings and their respective grounds. Major services of the department include: 
1. climate control, 
2. space planning, 
3. energy management, 
4. preventive maintenance, 
5. mechanical/electrical repairs, 
6. light construction, 
7. housekeeping, 
8. liaison with contracted services, 
9. grounds and lots maintenance, 
10. signage, building security and lock services. 

These services are being monitored through a computerized facilities management program to assure control of priorities and efficient labor use. In addition to the previous services, the department provides consultation to other departments and directors and manages major construction/renovation projects with architects and contractors.

As of October 1st, 2009, Winnebago County will begin using DEMANDSTAR to post bids and RFPs.

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