Orientation Programs

Per Wisconsin Statute, all parents entering into the mediation program are required to attend an orientation program prior to participation in individual mediation sessions. The group is taug by mediators from the Office of Family Court Services.


Partners in Parenting (PIP)

Partners in Parenting is the parent education program aimed at all parents that share children and are experiencing a separation of their homes. This includes parents that have never been married and parents that are divorced or in the process of divorce. Separation of family units is an emotional time.  This course is intended to help parents understand the importance of their role in getting themselves through the separation in a healthy way, so that their children can experience less conflict and turmoil within the family unit.  This course offers parents education related to child development, conflict resolution, the legal processes in the family court system, and a roadmap to making communication and co-parenting from separate homes successful. This program also covers the mediation process, and qualifies as the mandatory orientation to mediation.

Parents that have been court ordered to attend this course as a pre-requisite to mediation will be asked to stay at the end of the presentation to schedule their first private mediation session with their assigned mediator.  No mediations will occur on these dates.  If you have been court ordered to attend this course but are not entering into mediation, or if you have signed up to voluntarily attend this course, your attendance will be recorded and if you find yourselves involved in mediation in the future, you may not have to repeat this course prior to your private mediation session.


Orientation is meant for the natural parents only. No significant others, children, attorneys or other parties may attend without prior consent of the Manager of Family Court Services. 

Parents are expected to attend orientation in person. The course is genreally held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month in the Winnebago County Courthouse (415 Jackson St., Room 60, Oshkosh, WI) from 1PM to 4PM.  The cost of the program is $10 per person and parents should be prepared to pay this fee when they appear for the group. Only cash or check payments will be accepted.