Compensation and Pension

Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payment (CRDP):

Effective January 1, 2004: Payment will be made to nearly 150,000 qualified retirees for January entitlements on February 2. Those who have significant complications in their accounts (such as former spouse divisions or retirement under chapter 61) may be delayed in payments until their account can be manually reviewed, but will be paid retroactively.

Applications for CRDP are neither required nor accepted. DFAS will determine CRDP benefits automatically. Retirees who do not receive payment by April 1, 2004, but believe they qualify, should contact their Military Department or DFAS to determine the reason for non-payment. CRDP is part of retired pay and cannot exceed the amount that would be otherwise offset.

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC):

The CRSC program pays added benefits to retirees who receive VA disability compensation for combat-related disabilities and have 20 years of service.

Eligibility was expanded January 1, 2004, to compensate qualified retirees at any combined percentage rating for combat-related disabilities compensated by the VA. Eligibility criteria were also relaxed with respect to the 20 years. To receive CRSC benefits, retirees must apply with their Branch of Service on a DD Form 2860. The Service will determine which disabilities, if any qualify as combat-related. DFAS will pay CRSC based on the current combined disability rating of combat-related disabilities as compensated for the current month by VA. Benefits before January 2004 are based on the VA compensation rate for a "veteran alone" and applicable to only those disabilities determined as combat-related.

Special Compensation for Severely Disabled Retirees (SCSD):

No benefits are payable under SCSD for periods after December 31, 2003. SCSD became effective October 1, 1999 for qualified retirees with VA disabilities rated 70% or more within 4 years of retirement. The criteria were relaxed October 1, 2001, to include chapter 61 retirees so long as they had the required 20 years of service. Effective February 1, 2002, the criteria were again relaxed to include those with disabilities rated 60% or more within 4 years of retirement. 37,000 members were eventually compensated. Members not compensated who provide evidence of their qualifications may be retroactively compensated for any months in which they met the requirements of law. Applications for SCSD were neither required nor accepted. Qualified members were identified and paid by DFAS using data in DOD and VA system files.

Dependents’ and Survivors’ Benefits:

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) is payable to certain survivors of service members who died on active duty, veterans who died from service-related disabilities, and certain veterans who were being paid 100% VA disability compensation at time of death.

Death Pension is payable to some surviving spouses and children of deceased wartime veterans. The benefit is based on financial need.

VA Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA) shares the cost of medical services for eligible dependents and survivors of certain veterans.

Please visit the State's website for more information on State compensation and pension benefits.


For more information on Federal compensation and pension benefits please visit the Federal website.  

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