Human Resources

Winnebago County accepts employment applications on an ongoing basis. 
If you are interested in a position that is not listed, we will still accept your application materials and keep them in our active files for six months. If you are interested in more than one position opening, you need only submit one application form and list all positions you are interested in on the top line of the application. We will consider your application for all openings that you list. This application form stays in our active files for six months from the date of application unless you update it prior to that time. After six months, the application is considered expired.

  Employment Application

Mail the completed and signed application form to:
112 Otter Avenue
PO Box 2808
Oshkosh, WI 54903-2808. 

You can also complete the application form online and email it to

  Employment Opportunities

For more information about these positions, please contact the Human Resources Office using the contact information on the right.


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