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 Rental Fees Schedule for 2014-2015


Exhibit Building

Center Hall$692.18$712.95
Center Hall and either wing$1,012.95$1,043.34
West Wing$416.44$428.93
South Wing$444.58$457.92
Entire building (excluding kitchen, ticket box office)$1,271.82$1,309.97
Ticket Box Office$105.79$108.96
Public Address System/Expo Building$30/1 day$30/1 day
     Additional days for public address system$5/day$5/day
Additional Microphone (per event)$8.00 ea$8.00 ea
Mic stand (per event)$8.00 ea$8.00 ea

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Livestock Complex

Covered Arena $719.21$740.79
Outdoor Arena$297.13$306.04
Complete Use (both arenas, registration office, support room, announcer stand & restrooms w/showers & wash racks)$1,177.28$1,212.60

Public Address System / Livestock Complex Mixer System

Includes: CD and cassette, and 2 microphones

 $60/day, $23/each additional day$60/day, $23/each additional day

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Barns and Miscellaneous

Barn A (including overhang)$449.08$462.55
Barn A+$387.18$398.80
Barn A, Barn A+ and Overhang $634.79$653.83
Barn B $392.80$404.58
Barn C (45 stalls) $344.41$354.74
Barn D (52 stalls) $344.41$354.74
Barn E $387.18$398.80
Restroom Building #1 and #2 (each) $100.17$103.18
Restroom / Showers #1 and #2 (each) $150.81$155.33
Food Court $173.33$178.53
Milkhouse $113.67$117.08

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Grandstand (In co-operation with Speed Zone operator)

Grandstand restroom A and/or B (each)$137.31$141.43
Grandstand A or B (each) $897.04$923.95
Grandstand Concession Building $334.28$344.31
Grandstand Announcer Booth $158.70$163.46
Grandstand including infield area, pit area, pit pole building, concession building, and track -Non Motorsports events onlyNEGOTIATEDplus utilities per day of$590.89NEGOTIATEDplus utilities per day of$608.62

Grandstand P.A. System

Includes: mixer system with CD and cassette, 2 microphones

$60 1st day, $23 each additional day$60 1st day, $23 each additional day

Camping Area of Parking Lot #2A, #2B or Lot #3 with electric hookups$200.00/ event$200.00/ event
Camping Area South of Food Court with electric hookups and Area #11 $150.00/ event$150.00/ event
Camping Area South of Barn E, Lot #4, or Lot #7 with electric hookups $150.00/ event$150.00/ event

All other Camping Areas with or without electric hookups*

*As determined by Expo Manager

 $75.00 ea/event $75.00 ea/event

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Equipment Rental

(400) Chairs (folding or stacking)$2 ea/event$2 ea/event
(165) Tables (30" x 8') $5.00 ea/event $5.00 ea/event
(1) Lectern $20/event$20/event
(1) Lectern w/audio $30/event$30/event
(2) TV with VCR/DVD $80/event$80/event
(12) Bleachers (5 rows x 15')$30/unit/event$30/unit/event
       Set up fee$60.00$60.00

(10) Staging units (4' x 8' ea unit)

indoor 16' x 20' or 12' x 24' area





      Set up fee$60.00$60.00

(4) outdoor 8' x 20' each






      Set up fee$60.00$60.00
      Internet Connection/Wireless Internet$30.00/event$30.00/event
(50) Additional Garbage Barrels$2.00 ea/event$2.00 ea/event
Snow fence w/posts (limited amount avail)$.15/linear ft.$.15/linear ft.
(1) Portable Power Supply$75.00/event$75.00/event

Entire or partial use of Exposition GroundsNEGOTIATED

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Set-up/Clean-up Charges

Per Hour Charge (not incl. equipment) $49/person/hr$49/person/hr
Additional set-up/take-down days (above 3 days of use)20% of total rental fee/day20% of total rental fee/day

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H20, Sewer, Storm Water Fee, Electrical$210/event$225/event

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Calendar Deposit

Required for booking future show(s) 6 months or more in advance.  Single day events must book after January 1.  (NON-REFUNDABLE$100.00 for single day events.  $500.00 for multi-day events (subtracted from balance due) 25% contract deposit due per individual contract approximately 3 months prior to event.

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General Information

  1. Management reserves the right to waive the above fees in lieu of, or to charge the above fees in addition to, a negotiated percent of gate, ticket, admission, parking and/or other fees charged by the sponsor of special events, activities or the like held at the Sunnyview Exposition Center.
  2. All rates shown are per day rates unless otherwise noted as per event.
  3. Balance due on set up day or other date as determined by individual contracts.
  4. Non-profit group pricing for Winnebago County 4H and Winnebago County Farm Bureau for the food court building only.
  5. Only Pepsi Americas products may be served.  No other beverage vendors or advertising for such is allowed.
  6. Legal Status of Out of State Lessees:  LESSEE will warrant that it has complied with all necessary requirements to do business in the State of Wisconsin, that the persons executing the agreement on its behalf are authorized to do so, and, if a corporation, that the name and address of LESSEE'S registered agent is as set forth under the heading REGISTERED AGENT on the agreement.
  7. Class B liquor licenses only.  Temporary permit must be obtained through City of Oshkosh.

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Multi-day use for rentals with a base contract of $2,700 and above15% 15%
Utility fee for Winnebago County 4H and Winnebago County Farm Bureau use of food court. (No charge for building use)$25.00$25.00

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