I Received A Citation

What do I do next?

The citation you have been issued is similar to a traffic ticket.  The date of your initial court appearance is listed on your citation.

If you wish to settle the citation prior to your scheduled court date, our office will dismiss the citation if both a completed pumping/inspection report and a $50 administrative fee are filed with the Zoning Office by the date indicated in your letter.

Why do I have to pay a $50 fee?

There is a large amount of time associated with issuing and processing citations.  This fee covers a portion of those costs.  By submitting the completed pumping/inspection report and the $50 administrative fee you are avoiding a citation in the amount of $375.

I never received the first mailing.

A copy of the original mailing is included with your citation.  They were mailed on the date of the letter.  If the mailing was returned to our office as undeliverable a citation would not have been issued.

My pumper was supposed to submit my report.

You can check your most recent pumping record by using the Record Search.  If your septic system has been pumped more recently and our records were not updated - contact your pumper.  Remember, some pumpers will not submit pumping reports until they have been paid for their services.

What happens if I don't comply?

Paying the citation does not negate the need for pumping/inspection and submittal of the completed reports to this Department.

If you do not appear in Court and no deposit is received, a warrant for your arrest may be issued or your nonappearance could be considered a plea of no contest and a judgment entered against you.

Why don't the pumpers just submit this information?  Why doesn't the County talk to the pumpers?

Winnebago County provides the pumpers a list of properties that are due for pumping prior to mailing the letters and again prior to the issuance of citations.

We also provide the opportunity for pumpers to submit reports electronically each time they service a septic tank.  Some pumpers chose not to use these options.

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