Manitowoc County Marijuana Bust

Good Drugs Gone Bad Press Conference Photos

Stopping Doctor Shopping And Drug Abuse

Police Focus On Prescription Drug Abuse

State And Local Leaders Fight Drug Abuse

Mexican drug ring reaches into Wisconsin

Marijuana Potency Increases to Highest Levels in Decades, Study Finds

Retroactive shortening of crack sentences OK’d

Australian Customs Officials Discover Large Ecstasy Stash Inside Mr. Potato Head Doll

1 in 4 teens say meth is accessible, has benefits

Shortage drives up U.S. cocaine prices

Pot may hike risk of psychosis, research finds

How meth came to an Indian reservation and took hold

Looks like candy, devastates like hard drugs

Abuse of prescription drugs surges across globe

Man chronicles his death by meth use

Car with pot in trunk hits trooper's car

Texting 101: Don’t send pot messages to cop

Medication Disposal

Nevada Police Pick Up Strawberry Meth

Some Meth Addicts Turn to Urine to Get High

Feds shutter alleged Internet drug ring

Submarine with cocaine seized off Costa Rica

Homemade Highs a Click Away

Armed man crashes through barricade at Capitol

‘Crystal cartels’ alter face of U.S. meth epidemic

Meth tops in public treatment programs

Prescription drugs find place in teen culture

U.S. Puts $5M Bounty Out on Drug Cartel Leader

Texas schools battle 'starter heroin'

Reputed cocaine kingpin arrested in Brazil

Mexican traffickers flood Washington meth market after local crackdown

Hospitals Say Meth Cases Are Rising, and Hurt Care

With Scenes of Blood and Pain, Ads Battle Methamphetamine

Federal, State Authorities Crack Drug Ring

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