Shoreline Habitat Restoration

Shoreline Project

This shoreline habitat restoration project was completed in July of 2003. The project consists of a 300 foot vegetative buffer and a 20 foot area of shoreline protection. The width of the buffer area varies, but averages 35 feet. A coconut fiber roll was used for the area needing shoreline protection. A turtle nesting area was installed directly behind the coconut fiber roll. This project will be used as a demonstration site in future tours.

Shoreline Demo Project

The purpose of the project is to test the effectiveness of several different types of shoreline protection methods that have traditionally not been used on the Winnebago System.  Rock riprap has been the traditional choice for decades to protect eroding shorelines and streambanks.  While it is readily available and certainly effective, rock riprap has some ecological drawbacks.  It destroys the natural vegetation present on the shoreline and creates a barrier for birds, reptiles and mammals.  Other products have been developed that may provide a more ecologically friendl

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