The Land and Water Conservation Department administers the Livestock Waste Management Ordinance.


Livestock Waste Management Ordinance

This ordinance applies to any landowner or operator who houses livestock of any type on their property.  The purpose is to prevent manure from running out of storage facilities or off cropland where it is spread.   To ensure that all landowners are aware of the ordinance, our department conducts Livestock Waste Management Ordinance Reviews.

Livestock Waste Management Ordinance Reviews

The Winnebago County Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) is currently implementing a new program intended to inform livestock owners about the revised Livestock Waste Management Ordinance. The review program began in 2001 with the goal of visiting every livestock owner in Winnebago County during the next few years. This program is designed as an informal, on-farm review of the current ordinance. The staff member conducting the review will discuss pertinent sections of the ordinance and how it relates to the individual's livestock operation, along with services and programs provided by our department.

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