Health Care Aid Grants

Veterans and their families may qualify for a grant to help pay for medical and some dental treatment if they are not eligible for other programs such as Federal VA health care and they are unable to afford the treatment. Although the maximum grant is only $5,000 per person, per 12-month period, the grant often eliminates very large bills because the health-care provider must accept as full payment the amount of the grant, plus any available health insurance, and whatever the applicant can pay. WDVA must count all available financial resources including savings, checking accounts, stocks, bonds, and individual retirement accounts. Applicants may not receive grants if they hold liquid assets greater than $1,000 or they can qualify for a WDVA loan. The applicant also may be directed to apply for benefits from other agencies such as Medical Assistance, Medicare, and the Federal VA Health Care System. Military personnel who recently served in a combat zone are eligible for two years of free medical care from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for most cases. All types of essential medical services, such as hospital and physician charges, eye glasses or contact lenses (limit $250), and hearing aids (limit $1,000 per ear) may qualify for payment. Payment for dental care is limited to extractions, fillings, dentures and denture repair. Other dental care may be paid only if it is needed due to accidental injury.

Maternity expenses are usually not covered except for emergency treatment for the mother and child. However, there are exceptions for:

  • Veterans who recently separated from the military and have no health-care coverage or civilian medical insurance.
  • Students who might be forced to drop out of school because of medical expenses.  

Click on the appropriate link for more information on State medical benefits or Federal medical benefits.


Skilled Nursing Care & a high-quality retirement environment

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) operates the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King and the recently opened Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove. In addition to providing outstanding care for veterans and their spouses, both homes also offer numerous employment opportunities.


Transportation to VA Medical Appointments

There are several programs that assist veterans who need help getting to VA medical appointments. The Wisconsin Department of the Disabled American Veterans operates several vans around the state that normally stop at predetermined locations and then transport to the various medical centers. This is a list of the current scheduled stops for our area. Veterans can schedule a stop by contacting the DAV Transportation Coordinator listed with the schedule. These rides are free of charge and available to all veterans based on financial need--you do not have to be disabled or belong to the DAV to get a ride on this network. Veterans should contact the DAV for additional information. For veterans who live in locations not served by the DAV most counties provide some type of assistance. Some counties provide this service free of charge and others require a small fee or donation. Veterans can request to have this fee waived in most cases if they are experiencing financial hardship. County transportation systems are run by the County Veterans Service Office (CVSO) or another County agency. Veterans should contact their CVSO for information. No matter which system will work for you, you should contact the appropriate agency as soon as you have your appointment schedule as a request for next day or same day travel may be difficult to accommodate.


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