Solid Waste Facility

All loads MUST be secured with a tarp to enter the Facility.

The Facility does close occasionally due to high winds.


Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon 

2020-2021 Holiday Hours

2020 Tipping Fee Rate Schedule (effective 1.1.20)

Recyclable Material Contamination memo 2.12.19

Facility Rules and Hauler Guidelines

Unaccepted Waste Materials Memorandum (effective 8.1.16)

Safety Vest Notice (09.01.2016)

Landfill Gas Utilization

As waste in the landfill decays, gas is emitted. Environmental laws require the gas to be collected and controlled. Landfill gas is a valuable source of renewable energy consisting mainly of methane and contains about half the energy of natural gas.

The Winnebago County Solid Waste Department has chosen to utilize this valuable resource to:

  1. generate electricity
  2. use as a heating fuel a the Winnebago County Highway Department and
  3. supplement the domestic hot water needs at the Winnebago County Law Enforcement Center.

Revenues received from the sale of electricity offset the cost required to control gas emissions and help reduce the overall operating expenses of the Winnebago County Solid Waste Department. The electrical power that is generated supplies the equivalent of about 1,700 residential homes.

When generating electricity with landfill gas, Winnebago County Solid Waste creates offset emissions (the emissions that would be put into the air by a coal burning power plant producing the same amount of power).

The offset emissions are equivalent to:

  • Carbon Dioxide emissions from 93 rail cars of coal
  • Carbon Dioxide emissions from 2,029,684 gallons of gasoline
  • The amount of carbon produced annually by 4,064 acres of pine forest

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Solid Waste Department

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